jbp4893We offer a range of surgical options for your pet.



Kensington Vet ClinicWe have separate surgical facility where sterile procedures including castration, spey, orthopaedic surgery, lump removal and exploratory abdominal surgery are preformed. The surgical table is lined with a warm air blanket to keep your pet warm during anaesthetic and surgery.

Your pet's safety while under anaesthetic is extremely important to us and we use rapid acting modern anaesthetic agents and have comprehensive monitoring equipment to constantly monitor blood pressure, ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen and respiratory oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations.

While under anaesthetic your pet is constantly monitored and recorded by a trained veterinary nurse.

All of our surgical patients receive pain relief at the time of surgery at no extra cost and additional pain relief will be dispensed as required.



  • Pet SurgerySterile Surgery
  • Computerised fluid pumps
  • Digital radiology system and ultrasound
  • On site blood tests and cytology.
  • Special bedding and heat mats to keep your pet dry and warm


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