Vet Consulting KensingtonConsultation appointments are available between 9am



kvc-consulting2Consultation appointments are available between 9am and 6.30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and until 8pm on Mondays and Wednesdays for your convenience. On Saturdays, consultations are available between 9am and 4pm with 2 vets available in the morning. Appointments are 15 minutes, and longer appointments are available by prior arrangement. Emergencies will be seen as a priority. Please try to call ahead so we can be prepared for your arrival. If you have a preference for the vet you wish to see please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. Our specially trained nurses also run a weight loss clinic, and are able to clip nails, remove sutures and give some repeat injections under instruction from our vets. Please telephone our nurses during opening hours to make your appointment, or if you need advice on the care of your pet.



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