Caring for your dog

puppy-and-daneAt the Kensington Vet Clinic we believe in Preventative Veterinary Care to keep your dog in the best possible health.

Each year your dog should have a general examination and vaccination. The diseases we are vaccinating against are distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and kennel cough. The check up will allow the veterinarian to thoroughly examine your dog to identify any problems as early as possible.

Worming is another important part of your dog's care. There are many products available and it is important to treat your dog for intestinal worms and heartworm. Depending on the product you choose these will need to be done monthly, or every 3 months. The staff at the Kensington Vet Clinic will be able to advise you of the most suitable worming regime for your dog.

Regular use of a product to prevent fleas will ensure your dog's skin is parasite free. It is important to treat all the animals in your household to prevent a build up of eggs and larvae in the environment. Drop in and talk to our friendly staff to work out the most suitable product for your pet.

We also believe in feeding premium quality dog food for your dog's optimal health. There are many different dog foods available and different ones will be more suitable to different dogs. Please ask us for advice on the best food to feed your dog.