Summer 2021

COVID -19 update

We have been glad to welcome owners back into the consult room over the last few weeks. The pets certainly prefer to have their owners with them, and it makes our job easier too.
As we are facing an uncertain time with a new resurgence of coronavirus, we have decided to continue to allow owners to come in with their pets; but we ask that you wear a mask while inside the building at all times and only one person should come for every consult. Please also be mindful of the limited space in our waiting room. There are chairs provided outside if the waiting room is starting to get full.
Hopefully with these simple measures we can continue to provide you with full service while keeping our staf and clients safe.

Kitten Adoption

It is kitten season again, and that means we have some very sweet little kittens (and a couple of mothers) looking for their forever homes. If you are feeling like you need some furry company in your home, please phone us or check out our facebook page to see who is available.