Spring 2020

COVID -19 update

Due to the declaration of a state of disaster by the State Government,  we have decided to temporarily suspend appointments for adult vaccinations and desexing.
We are still vaccinating puppies and kittens.
Adult vaccinations can be safely delayed for this period of time without compromising your pet's immunity.

We will also be closing 1 hour early on Mondays and Wednesdays- at 7pm - so our staff can return home before the curfew. The remainder of our opening hours are unchanged.

It is our hope that this will only last for 6 weeks and we will again be able to offer these services for you soon.

We are still available to meet all of your pets other needs during this time.
Please remember that we request only 1 person comes to every appointment as we have limited space for waiting out the front of the clinic.
You may also wait in your car and we can come and get you when it is your appointment.
Please phone to let us know you are here.
We will take a history and then take your pet from you for treatment.
Please remember only one person in the waiting room at a time.

Finally we would ask you to be patient and kind to our staff. Providing our services while keeping our staff safe creates new challenges for us and we maybe running a little behind. We would ask for your patience and we will get to you as soon as possible.