Spring 2019

What's New at KVC
Online bookings
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Our online booking system has been unreliable recently due to poor ADSL connection in the area. We are working with our supplier to fix the problem, while we wait for the NBN

Building Repairs
If you have been in the clinic in the last few months during the rainy season, you may have noticed our roof is in need of repair.35292054 s
We will be replacing the roof over the course of a few weeks once the weather improves. We don't anticipate having to close during this time, but we would ask your patience with any noise and disruption that may occur.

Case of the Month

115633495 s"I"is a 1 year old Border Collie x Shepherd who developed sudden severe weight loss over the period of a month. She was very well in herself but had a poor hair coat and thin body condition; and she was passing large volumes of pale faeces. Blood tests confirmed that she has a condition called exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI).
This condition is caused by a lack of digestive enzymes normally produced by the pancreas.
Affected dogs are unable to digest their food appropriately and suffer from weight loss and pass large volumes of faeces.35911063 s
They can be born with this condition, or develop it later in life - either due to an inherited condition, or from damage to the pancreas.
German Shepherds, Cavaliers, Collies and Chows are more commonly affected.
Treatment involves adding replacement digestive enzymes to their food, as well as feeding a good quality highly digestible diet.
Treatment is for life.
Most dogs do well with treatment.


The Importance of Vaccination

97724335 sWe are very lucky to have vaccines for our beloved pets to help prevent serious and fatal infectious diseases. However, because vaccination has been so widespread and successful, it is easy to forget how serious these diseases can be, and the importance of keeping vaccinations up to date.
Often we allow vaccinations to lapse for pets that do not go outside or mix with other animals very much, as they are at low risk on a day to day basis.
However emergency vet visits or an emergency stay in a boarding facility can put these animals at risk as their immunity has been allowed to wane, and (even with the best of intentions) facilities where many animals are brought together with illness or stress can be a source of infectious disease.
New puppies and kittens are at high risk until they have completed their puppy/kitten course of vaccinations.
There has recently been an outbreak of feline panleukopaenia virus in Melbourne and some unvaccinated cats have died as a result.97793474 s
Also, cat flu in unvaccinated cats is a serious disease, resulting in nasal and ocular infections and ulceration, as well as inappetance for up to 2 weeks.
Infectious respiratory diseases, such as kennel cough in dogs and cat flu in cats, can also severely complicate management of the common heart and respiratory problems we see in our older pets.
If you need advice on the right vaccinations for your pet or you need to bring your pets vaccinations up to date, please call the clinic on 9372 2733.