Spring 2018

What's New at KVC
Welcome Elyse


Welcome to Elyse who will be working part time in our practice.

Elyse has been working as a vet for 8 years, and has developed a passion for internal medicine. She is working to support a fur family - Ben, Bella and Eddie - as well as being kept busy with a lively toddler Matilda.


Ask our vets:- Cytopoint is now available as a once a month injection for itchy dogs. We have had some good responses to this product so far. Ask us for more information.

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Case of the Month
Eyelid tumors
"B" is a 9 year old Labrador who developed some discharge and irritation due to a small growth on her lower left eyelid.
Meibomian adenomas are the most common eyelid tumors in dogs and then occur most frequently after middle age.
They tend to grow quickly and may have a cauliflower appearance but are a benign tumor of the tear gland on the eye. The eyelid may bulge a little around the growth due to retained secretions and this can cause more irriation of the eye.

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Treatment is surgical removal of the tumor via a wedge incision of the eyelid. The eyelid heals very quickly and they are back to normal very quickly after the surgery.brodie.sml
Brodie made an eventful recovery and was soon back to her normal boisterous self.



Itchy Dogs
Many dogs become excessively itchy as the warmer weather approaches, however this year we have noticed an increase in itchy dogs during the winter. Constant licking, scratching and chewing is annoying and stressful for your pet, as well as causing secondary health problems.
Most allergies start as irritation in reaction to something in the environment, then become complicated by secondary infections and self trauma.

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We now have a new drug available to help prevent the itch, therefore preventing all the secondary problems associated with chronic itching.

Cytopoint is a new type of medication for treating itch. Until now we have only had drugs that suppress the immune system, thus predisposing to other problems such as secondary infections.
Cytopoint is an monoclonal antibody that binds to the major chemical released by the body during an allergic reaction that causes itching.
It is safe to use with other drugs, can be used at any age and can be safely given to dogs with other medical problems.
It may not be effective at reducing itch if your pet has a food allergy or asecondary skin infecton, and it does not work in about 10% of dogs.
Our friendly vets will be able to tell you if cytopoint is right for your pet.