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elizas twins.smlCongraulations to Eliza and Rupert on the arrival of twins Rose and Keir.
Eliza and babies are all doing well.




Good Bye Willow
Willow was a lovely girl who won a place in all our hearts and was a part of the Kensington community. We lost her too soon, early this year, and her owners have written a tribute to her. Rest well Willow - we miss you.willow.sml

08.10.12- 27.01.15

Losing a pet is truly heartbreaking, as anyone who has lost a beloved pet would understand. Nothing could have prepared us for the shock and devastation that was Willow's diagnosis of acute leukaemia. After we were told of Willow's prognosis on the Saturday, we had only a few precious days left before laying her to rest on Tuesday 27th January. We filled those days with lazing in the park watching the world go by, a trip to the beach, plenty of treats and of course, an abundance of cuddles and kisses.

Willow was a gorgeous Black Russian Terrier, with a beautiful soul to match. She was affectionate, loyal, playful and intelligent, with a personality as great as her size. We only had 2 years with Willow, but are so grateful for the time we had together. Willow truly was an amazing dog. Her striking appearance gained the attention from many passers by. It is because of people's interest in Willow that we were able to meet many new people and be welcomed into the Kensington community. Words cannot describe the sense of loss we still feel and only time will help heal our broken hearts. We are so thankful to Kathy and her team at Kensington Veterinary Clinic for their kindness and empathy throughout our sad days.

Pet Care Facts
Sultana toxicity

9472935 sSultanas and grapes seem like a healthy treat, but toxicity to eating grapes, raisins and sultanas has been described recently in some dogs and cats.
The cause is not understood, and toxicity varies between grape varieties, how they are dried and also possibly between individual animals.
This means that one dog or cat can eat a few sultanas or grapes and be poisoned, while another may eat a lot and not be affected. This makes it difficult to determine what is the best thing to do if your animal has eaten any grapes or sultanas. In addition, clinical signs of toxicity may take a couple of days to develop.
It is important to make you pet vomit if you think they have eaten sultanas in the last 1-2 hours. Please bring your pet straight to the clinic if you are concerned and we can induce vomiting.
If more than 1-2 hours have passed since your pet has eaten the sultanas and if your pet is affected, you may see signs of kidney failure in the next 1-2 days, including :- excessive drinking, excessive or lack of urination, vomiting, diarrhoea, lack of appetite and depression.
Treatment of affected animals is supportive for kidney disease, including intravenous fluids and supportive care for vomiting and diarrhoea and lack of appetite. If the toxicity is severe some animals may not recover or have permanent damage to their kidneys.
So, even though you may have fed grapes or sultanas to your pet previously, it is not advisable to continue due to the variability in toxicity and the severe potential consequences of poisoning.

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